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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 2: Taos, Santa Fe, and ABQ

Back in Albuquerque. Very late. We started the day with Taos Heart Cafe's awesome coffee and scones, and Susan was totally jonesing for some pottery, so she is taking home a piece or two. Smart girl.

Jamie and I went searching for the Hog Farm commune, home of Wavy Gravy. According to the tour guide book there is some adobe and an old bus left, and we are counterculture hobbyists so we wanted to see it. We failed to find anything resembling something Wavy Gravy would have founded. Lots of adobe, lots of old busses, none on the same lot. Oh well, next time we'll use a better map.

Forgot to mention that on Day One we walked across the Taos Gorge Bridge. Glorious view and a looong way down.

Fun playing in Santa Fe at the Brewing Company again...songswapping with Suz is always such an honor. I love having the best seat in the house for those kind of shows! Thanks to you kind folks who hung out for the show and said hello after.

JP Project No. 2 tomorrow night....very excited. Bed time!

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