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Friday, November 9, 2007

Morning Of: The JP Project 2007

Funny side note: I met up with J yesterday to catch up and plan for tonight and he plops down a Timbuk2 bag next to mine, one of his I had not seen before. They are twins! We must think alike. Anyway...

We're up early and J and I will be erranding today to set up JP Project Number 2, with Susan as our very special guest. We're pretty psyched, because in our book...there is no cooler special guest than Susan Gibson.

Here's the email we've been sending to RSVP'ers, all about this annual shindig:

"What is this "project"? Last year my business partner Josh and I decided to throw a house concert for all the good peeps in Albuquerque because living in Austin really cramps my New Mexican social life. Plus, you all were essential in the forming of my singer/songwriter life - from coming to gigs to buying the records...some of you even came to guitar concerts when I was in high school. Whoa. Josh and I realized we have a huge network of supportive people and we want to thank you all. This is Year Two and we're very excited to make this an annual event, so that wherever we might be you all know that when November comes around we'll be rolling into town with a special guest. (We have good taste -- you'll always love our guests. :)"

J's schedule this morning says "Year # 2 of 50" -- that's a lot of planning to do! Better get on this one. :)

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