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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday (Observed)

My birthday was on Monday this week, but we had a house concert scheduled at our friends Amy and Cheryl's house on Sunday, so we kind of just made Sunday a birthday day as well.

We used some of my stickers for a birthday sash until I tripped on it. I'm clutzy.

Susan Drew Me a Cake
Susan drew me a cake. It was good but chalky.

My friends Katie Lessley and Havilah came all the way from Austin to hang out and sing! Because it was my birthday and that means I'm special and can demand things, I had Susan and Katie and Havilah come up and sing on a couple of tunes with me. It was pretty smokin' spectacular. One day I will afford them all as my permanent band and we will tour in a Prevost and take the folk world by storm. Wait, folk artists and Prevosts don't usually mix. We might have to sell out a little, girls. It's ok, the bus will be fancy.

Susan, Jana, Katie, Havilah in Harmonics

Jpo, Havilah, Katie

Susan and Linda
Who doesn't want a Susan Gibson show for their birthday?
Who doesn't know what I'm talking about?

Thanks to everyone at the house concert and to my buddies for singing and to Amy and Cheryl for hosting us all! On my real birthday I worked and Katie made me pasta (yessss!) and I went to bed early, haha. Too much excitement for this old 28-year-old. Bring me my lap afghan.