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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Inspiration for $25

I am a live music fiend. I get this incredible rush when I see talented artists do their job and do it well...and it's always a privilege to be there to watch. I was in the presence of greatness on Friday night at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas -- to see the FIRST show by Ms. Patty Griffin on her mini-tour which previews her massive tour this spring/summer. (I love the idea of a pre-tour before a tour...what else are ya gonna do?)

Because I am somewhat on top of things only sometimes, I managed to get tickets to this sold out show the day they went on sale. I paid $25 for my seat, and the day of the show people were selling them on Craigslist for $200 a pop. That's some profit margin. I revelled in my timely frugality the whole show, hehheh.

Anyway, it doesn't get any better than new songs from one of my favorite writers, coupled with pretty guitars to look at and red fishnets with black cowboy boots. You can tell Patty lives in Texas, that's fo' sho'.

Gruene Hall itself is quite a trip. It's gotta be like 1000 years old and has seen many a boot walk through the door. Ok, not that old...but you get the picture. The stage area is literally...a hall...or perhaps a shed, because the walls let through a lot of light and a lot of cold in the middle of January! Everyone was bundled up for the indoor show...but the good times all around kept everyone (well, me anyway) quite contentedly toasty.

Is there a point? I guess. Maybe a couple.

a) Yeah, some nights it's a pain to drag your butt off the couch after working all week to go see some show. But you will feel better for it, and you'll make a musician happier, too.

b) Patronize those historic venues and small places that have live music because they love it. Clear Channel doesn't own all the venues in the country (yet), and it would be nice to keep it that way.



Monday, January 1, 2007


Mindy Smith and I would like to welcome you to the new jBlog, which will never again be known as the jBlog (because Apple can pull it off with the letter "i" but that's it). However, if you would like to purchase a jCD or a jSticker or a jBagel, email me. I'm kidding. This is probably what one would term a "test post" in which nothing interesting is said and the person posting it prays it all works.

Oh. I guess. My name is Jana Pochop, I am a singer/songwriter, and I live in Austin, TX. I am from Albuquerque. I live at www.janapochop.com.

Carry on. But come back soon.

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