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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fors & Againsts

I did a little polling on Facebook about what folks were For and Against at that time of the day and hour...it was fascinating and funny and happy. Of course I made a podcast!

Check out the Store for your copy of For & Against...

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

In Search of A Song!

All right, y'all - I am stoked to be the winner of the Searchlight "In Search of A Song" Contest. Rich is the kind dude who did the interview with me, and he managed to make me sound not so rambly and incoherent! He's kind of a magician.

Check it out here, and support support support these fine folks! They're doing great things for musicians.

What's on my plate lately? Well, that EP came to fruition...you know, that one. Next step is a website overhaul. You won't recognize this thing soon!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's For & Against Day!

Um, whew. The EP is here. In Austin, anyway. It's being delivered to Red Leaf and I am not there yet. I should get there so I can have it and so UPS doesn't have to mess around. The tracking numbers claim it is HERE, though!

In honor of that, here's a ghetto music video montage. Because a purposefully ghetto video is better than an accidentally ghetto video, if you ask me.

Thanks so Dan, Katie, Suz, Emily, and David for making this happen - and thanks to all who have and will buy this little EP!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alabama is...Ala-mazing

Sunset in Orange Beach, AL

Right, so I explained that this is the exploratory tour to new rooms and new towns, which means there are just not as many people in the rooms we've gone to as we are used to in more pathworn venues like Texas and out west. So we've had a great time but sometimes...like a lot times...you just want a lot of people in the room.

Did I mention I bought boots before we left?

We found that on a Tuesday night in Orange Beach, Alabama. There's a fabulous venue/dance studio/classroom/artspace called Beach Cite Studios, located right on the pier in Orange Beach. The people came, they listened to the songs, they laughed at all the right times (which always shoots me in into the fantasy-land stratosphere that I too could compete on Last Comic Standing), they engaged in the music, they want us to come back. It was sublime in every way. We celebrated by watching Bravo and eating coconut M&M's at the hotel.

Susan Gibson at Beach Cite Studios in Orange Beach

Today is a day off before we go to Birmingham, and I am going to MAIL OFF MY TAXES! I spend 4 hours on them yesterday morning and wrapped them up. I have a confusing job/living/driving situation which makes them hard to do. Last year I had 2 employers, changed cars, and moved. Bleh. Anyway, they are done. Then I will go to the beach and investigate tarballs (haven't seen any but I haven't looked yet).

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Greetings from Gulf Shores

It's pretty down here. We drove in at sunset and I have seen the Gulf Shore Beach in the dark, so I'm sure it will reveal its glorious daylight wonder tomorrow...but it was cool to walk in a good 6 inches of fine sand and sink with every step. The beaches in Texas are pretty packed. This Alabama sand is a different beast. It was pristine, with nary a weed or rock to get in the way.

North Carolina Pig

To recap the last few days...Virginia at Ashland Coffee and Tea was so fun; the venue is such an esteemed listening room and the folks are the nicest. We're going back in April! We saw a little of Richmond and ate some lovely Thai food downtown. The Yelp! app on my phone has helped immensely in booking motel rooms and finding places to eat that don't suck.

The next day we drove to Chapel Hill, NC and Susan was interviewed on WCOM before the gig, and then she and I got to guest DJ for half an hour. We played stuff by our friends; Jess Klein, Dana Cooper, Terri Hendrix, and then...Flight of the Conchords to top it all off. Win for suSANNNG! and DJ Lady Popo. At a late night truck stop break I got a non-traditional North Carolina pig. It pained me because it is not white and does not have hearts for eyes, but this was my last chance for a NC pig so I took it. He's ok. He'll fit in.

Susan Gibson at The Cave in Chapel Hill
Suz at The Cave in Chapel Hill

Then we stayed the night in Charlotte (which I know is a big town but for the life of me I could only come up with that it is the home of the Hornets...) and walked the dogs in a cemetery which was only slightly creepy. Then we drove from Charlotte through South Carolina to Georgia where Susan songswapped with Rachael Sage and Chris Trapper at another of the nation's great listening rooms; Eddie's Attic. What a room. It has birthed the careers of folks I love like the Indigo Girls and Jennifer Nettles. Then we drove to Alabama to stay in Montgomery for the night, which is 4 states in one day!

Georgia Pig!
Georgia Pig. Score.

Today we left Montgomery but not before consuming more Thai food (yes, in Alabama, so?) and I had to stop and get some flip flops. I started this 2 week trip with the intention of proving I am an adult and can wear real shoes for 2 weeks, but I quickly discovered that I don't wear flip flops out of immaturity, I wear them because I don't like crap covering my feet. I was miserable, and Susan had to endure about 3 stops at truck stops and a CVS that involved me unsuccessfully searching for flip flops. (WHERE ARE ALL THE FLIP FLOPS IN ALABAMA???)

I finally scored some in Montgomery. Which is also the place where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus, which is not related but interesting nonetheless.

Flip Flops for Alabama

And tonight we walked the Gulf Shores Beach and now I am blogging and for now you are completely up to date.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chips Are Loud

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Out East/99 Cents at a Time

Greetings from Richmond, Virginia. We got here late last night after driving all day. I try to route things so the jumps are small, but sometimes...you have a day off and a long way to drive. We went from Nashville to Richmond, and by the time we got to Virginia it was dark so I don't really know what Virginia looks like yet except the Richmond airport across the street from the motel. Yep.

The drive was fun, though. Somehow we got to wondering what British rap sounded like, which lead to a big iTunes download frenzy of songs by British, Scottish, Russian, and Japanese hip hop. Check out "Bonkers" by Dizee Rascals. Cool song.

On Wednesday we drove through Memphis from Little Rock to Nashville and found some BBQ. I discovered that my friend Tiffany in Nashville had at one point sold merchandise for Lady Gaga before she was crazy famous. Of course I flipped out. There's a Merch Person that I could learn from.

Downtown Memphis

Yesterday we started off with a brunch meeting with Susan's awesome publicist Brandy at Noshville Deli in...yes, Nashville.

Noshville in Nashville

This is our exploratory tour for the year...meaning these are all new venues and tried and true crowds and fan bases have not been built yet. Susan has worked hard to build Texas and the Rocky Mountain tour run, and the Southeast seems like a logical next step in terms of what is close to Texas and full of music fans. As the booker I won't lie and say it's easy to do these runs the first time - sometimes crowds are good, sometimes not. The venues we have booked are all great, though. The folks we have met have been awesome. And you have to do something the first time so you can build it the next time.

Motel 6 Goggles

We're taking advantage of the new strangely re-modeled Motel 6 rooms -- they look like IKEA spewed all over, in a good way. Gone are the weird floral bedspreads. It's hip. And it's cheap. Yay Motel 6!

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