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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 4: Red River

We left Albuquerque around noon Saturday for the final gig and the return trip home. The drive back up through Santa Fe and Taos was just as pretty as the first time, and we made it to Red River by about 5 PM. The Motherlode is a restaurant and bar attached to a gorgeous lodge right along the main street of Red River.

Apparently, there is something in the water there because Red River draws a lot of Texans, and more importantly a lot of really awesome musicians. There was a “jamboree” kind of atmosphere after Susan’s second set, and time after time each new musician that got up and played was awesome. They said it’s like that every Saturday night. Maybe I just let Red River’s secret out. If there’s a sudden influx of people, it’s probably this blog’s influence. Actually probably not but I’ll take the credit.

So that’s that. Now Susan and I are in Amarillo about to embark on the last leg. We’re listening to a book on tape and last night we were counting the number of times the author used the verb “gazed” -- things like that stick out when books are read out loud. “She gazed at her cell phone.” “He gazed into the pool.” “The dead body was gazing at nothing in particular.” (It’s a murder mystery). We have to finish it today or else I’ll never know whodunit. Dun dun DUN.