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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alabama is...Ala-mazing

Sunset in Orange Beach, AL

Right, so I explained that this is the exploratory tour to new rooms and new towns, which means there are just not as many people in the rooms we've gone to as we are used to in more pathworn venues like Texas and out west. So we've had a great time but sometimes...like a lot times...you just want a lot of people in the room.

Did I mention I bought boots before we left?

We found that on a Tuesday night in Orange Beach, Alabama. There's a fabulous venue/dance studio/classroom/artspace called Beach Cite Studios, located right on the pier in Orange Beach. The people came, they listened to the songs, they laughed at all the right times (which always shoots me in into the fantasy-land stratosphere that I too could compete on Last Comic Standing), they engaged in the music, they want us to come back. It was sublime in every way. We celebrated by watching Bravo and eating coconut M&M's at the hotel.

Susan Gibson at Beach Cite Studios in Orange Beach

Today is a day off before we go to Birmingham, and I am going to MAIL OFF MY TAXES! I spend 4 hours on them yesterday morning and wrapped them up. I have a confusing job/living/driving situation which makes them hard to do. Last year I had 2 employers, changed cars, and moved. Bleh. Anyway, they are done. Then I will go to the beach and investigate tarballs (haven't seen any but I haven't looked yet).

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